Add Links to LinkedIn Stories With New Swipe-Up Feature

LinkedIn has launched a new swipe-up feature that allows users to connect access to posts.

The familiar swipe-up feature in LinkedIn Stories will now allow users to link to other websites.

LinkedIn’s latest swipe-up functionality is close to what you’re used to seeing on Instagram Stories.

The new stories functionality, which is available to LinkedIn Pages and users that follow eligibility requirements, allows them to reach out to a URL of their choosing.

This gives LinkedIn Pages another way to push traffic back to their company’s website, for example.

Here’s more information about how the new function works and who should use it.

How to Use LinkedIn Stories’ Swipe-Up Feature

LinkedIn Stories, which debuted in September 2020, now has a feature that makes it more appealing to companies and advertisers.

LinkedIn members have conflicting feelings about Stories, with many wondering whether it’s the right match for a professional network.

Instagram and Snapchat are good fits for the story’s style, so what about LinkedIn?

Businesses may have found the justification they’ve been waiting for to join in LinkedIn Stories now that connections can be included.

LinkedIn can send a significant volume of referral traffic to websites. There’s a new tool to help you get more traffic from the same source.

That might be the company’s website, a recent blog post, a new work posting, or something else you want people to see. Users can access anything you link to with a simple swipe up.

Here’s how to have a connection in your LinkedIn Stories:

  • Begin by including a picture or video in your story.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the connection button (looks like a chain)
  • Add a URL to the Add a connection section.
  • Choose the appropriate action button.
  • Tap Done.
  • Share your story by tapping the Share Story button.

You’ll be able to preview a connection before the store goes live to ensure that users land on the right website.

Only the LinkedIn mobile app allows you to create stories. You can use the software to take photos and videos, as well as share photos and videos from your camera roll.

LinkedIn Stories, and most social media applications, are only available for 24 hours. The length of video content is limited to 20 seconds.


All LinkedIn Pages will use the swipe-up option for Stories.

Daily LinkedIn participants who meet the following qualifications are eligible:

Have at least 5,000 followers or connections.

Make the Follow button on their profile the primary action button (instead of Connect).

The privacy settings menu can be used to change the primary action button on a LinkedIn profile page from ‘Connect’ to ‘Follow.’

Swipe-Up Example in LinkedIn Stories

Here’s an example of how the swipe-up function works, as posted by Matt Navarra:

Statistics for stories posted by LinkedIn Pages and qualifying users will be accessible.

Matt Navarra gives an example of stats that Pages and members who are qualifying for the swipe-up option can see:

Insights, like the Story itself, are only available for a short period. Ensure that the data were verified within the 24-hour time frame.

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