How to get more likes and shares


Content is one of the most important elements of the web. This is such a fundamental feature that no web company can survive for long without it. Content can be anything on the Internet i.e. images, graphics or text. Basically it is the first thing that visitors see on your website. So in such a situation it becomes necessary for the content writers to write a suitable and authentic content. And probably for the same reason, website content writing is coming up as an independent body of the web industry.

Content is also called the king of the web. Along with the tremendous growth in this industry, the service opportunities have also increased. Many organizations are hiring content writers on a recurring basis. Rather so many educational institutes have been opened in India which provide education in both short term and long term courses in SEO services and content writing.

Online material written and shared by us on the website is meant to help our visitors and solve their problems, but if you don’t have good online content on your website, it is of little or no value to your visitors. Not there. Online content can be read, viewed, heard and shared. This can be a written article (like the one you are reading now), a blog post, a report, an eBook, an online tutorial, a video or an audio file.

But one of the most challenging tasks that most website owners face is writing or creating online content that their audience will find useful and engaging. Here are 5 tips to help you create online content that your audience will love.

1. Understand the Difference Between Offline and Online

Content published in the offline world, such as in newspapers and magazines, differs from that published on most websites. Content in newspapers and magazines generally appeals to a wider audience. Where as the content of your website will be quite specific to your audience. You still need good grammar and spelling in your online content but many other traditional rules of writing online have been broken.


2. Short paragraphs

When people try to find their material online, they want to see small pollen grains. Those that can be read easily When people try to find their material online, they want to see small pollen grains. Which he can easily read or scan. Your website visitors don’t want to be overwhelmed by large blocks of text. Short paragraphs of text make it easier for your reader to focus on what you’ve written, and skip from one section to the next.

3. Bullet Points and Subtitles

It also makes your content easier to read on screen when you use bullet points and subheadings. Subtitles give your reader a basic idea about the content, which can help keep people’s attention longer. Bullet points are concise and concise, delivering important information in a simple style.

4. Use Images and Photos

People also like to view photos along with online content, so that it is easier for them to understand. They improve your website, make it easier to scan articles and improve your brand. Personal photos are great for a personal blog and you can also find lots of free pictures, pictures and photos on many stock photo websites.

5. Composite Tone

Web content can be more conversational. If you are writing informal material, keep your writing tone light, casual, and interesting. Of course, if you’re writing for a technical website you’ll need to use proper description and appropriate language structure. Having said that, in many instances, a casual tone reflects your personality and is a great way to connect with your online audience.


There are no specific requirements to be a successful online entrepreneur irrespective of your age, education, technical skills or qualifications. However, you will be more successful with a solid business model to work with Clear directions, training & Support