LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers

LinkedIn launched new features for Pages on Wednesday, allowing businesses to advertise activities, learn more about their fans, and communicate with their employees directly on the website. A new “My Business” tab, a “Events” tab, and the ability to “View Page Followers” are among the new features.

Followers on your page. Owners of pages will now see who follows them and sort their lists of followers by current business, sector, and venue. Also, the new functionality provides followers with “insights” such as how and when they discovered your Page.

In the announcement, LinkedIn said, “This provides the clarity required to better understand audiences, so organizations can more easily share the right content and develop their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most.”

You could only see the total number of followers and demographic breakdowns before this update.

Things that happen. The Events tab aims to make virtual events that have cropped up during the pandemic easier to find. It provides a snapshot of a company’s history and future activities. Users will see whether they’re attending an event and share activities with others from this view, which is automatically pulled in.

My company. Employee milestones to announce promotions, anniversaries and new hires are among the features of this tab, which is optimized for employees. It also displays trending content shared on LinkedIn by employees. It also displays suggestions for inter-company connections. Content curation and live broadcasting capabilities will be added, according to the company.

Why should we be concerned? These changes are largely a reaction to the pandemic’s transitions, which have resulted in more interactive activities and remote workers. The ability to learn more about your followers is a significant improvement that could help you better educate your content on LinkedIn and other platforms. Of course, LinkedIn hopes that having more information about their audience will encourage companies to develop and distribute (and promote) more content on the site.

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