LinkedIn Live Streaming for LinkedIn Events

Welcome to the Social Media Marketing Talk Show for this week, a news show for advertisers who want to remain on top of social media.

With special guest Michaela Alexis, we discuss LinkedIn live streaming for Virtual Events and LinkedIn Polls on this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show. Tyler J. McCall joins us to talk about new Instagram comment management and small business platforms.

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About Our Distinguished Visitors

Michaela Alexis is a LinkedIn specialist and developer who specializes in assisting companies with their LinkedIn presence. She’s a LinkedIn Trainer, a public speaker, and the co-author of Think Video: Smart Video Marketing and Influencing.

Tyler J. McCall is an Instagram marketing consultant who specializes in assisting online entrepreneurs in using Instagram to expand their brands. He’s also the host of The Online Business Show and the founder of the Follower to Fan Society and the Online Business Association.

Fast-forward to our top stories in the replay above by using the timestamps below.

at 1:56 LinkedIn Virtual Events are now available.

19:29 LinkedIn Has Launched New Polls Characteristics

at 26:09 New Comment Management Tools Arrive on Instagram

05:35 Instagram Introduces a “Support Small Business” Sticker for Stories, as well as Additional Business Resources

LinkedIn Virtual Events: LinkedIn has introduced a new virtual events solution that allows participants to generate and stream live video events within its network, bringing users a “tighter integration” between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live.

The new LinkedIn Polls feature gives members “a fast, simple, and completely virtual way to solicit input from your network,” according to the company. Polls will be eventually rolled out internationally on smartphones and desktops over the next few weeks, according to LinkedIn.

Instagram Releases New Comment Management Tools: Instagram released a series of upgrades this week targeted at assisting companies in controlling how people communicate with their accounts. Users will now filter negative feedback in bulk and highlight constructive ones with ease. New controls for managing who can tag or reference your Instagram account are now being added to the app.

Instagram Introduces a “Support Small Business” Sticker for Stories, as well as Additional Business Resources: Instagram also added a new “Support Small Business” sticker that encourages people to tag a business website in their stories. To mark the launch, the app will show some of these posts in a dedicated story at the top of users’ feeds, similar to past Instagram stickers highlighted during the COVID-19 crisis.

Facebook and Instagram will now get additional in-app services to help business owners keep up to date with the latest information on small business loans, Facebook grants and tools, and more. These modern Business Resources are included in a separate section of client profiles.

Other Information Listed

Facebook Launches Additional Small-Local-Business Resources, including a dedicated Messenger inbox, promotion of a new #SupportSmallBusiness hashtag, and more.

Personal Profiles and Groups now have access to Messenger Rooms.

Facebook also released new research on the changing habits of video consumption.

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