LinkedIn Users Can Add An Intro Video to Their Profile

LinkedIn users can now add intro videos to their profiles and use a brand new Creator mode.

LinkedIn is adding the ability to add introduction videos to user profiles, as well as a new ‘Creator’ mode.

LinkedIn is assisting users in adapting to the era of virtual work searching with these new features.

According to a LinkedIn survey of 1,009 hiring managers and 2,101 job seekers in the United States conducted last month, 79 percent of hiring managers believe video is becoming more relevant when it comes to engaging with or vetting job candidates.

Almost 80% of job seekers wish there was an easier way to introduce themselves to recruiters and hiring managers, and 60% believe the next cover letter would be a filmed video.

LinkedIn’s most recent changes are aimed at making the recruiting process easier for both recruiters and applicants.

Here’s a preview of what’s coming out this week.

Video Cover Story

LinkedIn users will soon be able to add a cover story to their profile, allowing them to personalize their first video contact with a hiring manager or recruiter.

An orange ring will appear around a user’s profile picture when they upload a cover story. When the user’s profile picture is clicked, a full-screen vertical video of the user’s self-shot introduction appears.

When the feature goes live, more details about how to record and upload a cover story will be available.

Creator Mode

LinkedIn profiles also have a new feature called creator mode that highlights the work of content creators.

Users may use hashtags in creator mode to denote the most common topics they post about. When a user activates creator mode, their featured and activity parts will be moved to the top of their profile.

When creator mode is activated, the “Connect” button will be replaced by a “Follow” button.

As users enable creator mode, their profile backgrounds will show live broadcasts while they’re streaming, increasing the exposure of their content even more.

Freelancers’ Service Pages

On LinkedIn, freelancers can build dedicated service pages to list the services they provide to clients.

User profiles connect to service websites, making it easier to draw new customers directly from LinkedIn.

Fields for Pronouns

LinkedIn users will be able to add their preferred gender pronouns to their profile at the top.

According to LinkedIn’s research, 70% of job seekers believe it is important for recruiters and hiring managers to recognize their gender pronouns, and 72% of hiring managers agree and believe it demonstrates respect.

Users are not obligated to fill out this section of their LinkedIn profiles if they do not wish to.

Many of the features discussed in this post will be available to users during the week.

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